Welcome to Dragrace 2016

Date and Time:

Dragrace 2016Friday 5th of August // First race starting at 7:00 p.m.
Location: Ribersborgstranden “Ribban”, Malmö (exact location will be announced later).
Sign up: At the “on-location office” between 6:30 and 7:00 p.m. on race day.
Fee: The streets of Malmö belongs to all of us, hence it’s free.
Prize: The Trophy of Eternal Glory and Respect.
Race Rules: TBA


What kind of society do we want? Whatever the answer;
it suggest the possibilities of change to something else, something we want.

The members of CK Avanti are wishing to change society
in many ways. With the 5th of august Dragrace we manifest one of our points of change; Whatever sex we’re born with or whatever gender defining us should not limit any person in any way. Simple as that, no need to get theoretical for now. This is a race, a
playground and a festive event where we create somewhere to step aside from gender segregated sport norms and the seemingly obsessive separation between what is said to be male or female…


Of course you don’t have to drag in order to race.
Drag as yourself or why not as your favourite cyclist? The point is clear; this is no race between male and female riders, nor is it a mixed race. Hey, it’s just a race and the connection between you and your opponent is a bicycle. We don’t even care what
kind of bike you ride, swing it with your BMX, BMC, ratbike, cargobike, fixie, unicycle or your grandmother’s good ol’ faithful. The track is still the same; a one hundred meter sprint. Wearing a helmet is mandatory and motors of any kind except from muscle
are forbidden. Participants will sign up (for free) from 6:30 p.m. at the on location office. The riders are then randomly selected for the line up starting the first race at approximately 7:00 p.m. The winner of each race moves on until there’s only the fastest
cyclist in Malmö left.


The 2016 edition of CK Avanti’s Dragrace will be
organised at “Ribban” with plenty of space for the audience and by passers to cheer and hang out. The races will be intense and exciting to watch, bring a blanket and some food and enjoy the scene if you are not competing yourself. When the winner is announced
the party continues with music, barbeque and dancing for all of Malmö’s friends, cyclists and antifascists. CK Avanti promise you speed, excitement, tears, love, joy, music, pain and whatever other impressions a good race will bring.

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