About CK Avanti

Landsvägscykel i grupp

CK Avanti is an antifascist bicycle club. It means that we’re a political and progressive bicycle club, that doesn’t believe in bollocks like, ”sports and politics doesn’t belong together”. IT DOES. And by organizing ourselves, we are creating a tool to influence and make a change in different things as well as in ourselves. Our organization is our tool.

CK Avanti is for you. It’s fun to ride by yourself, but it’s even more fun together. Our basic philosophy is that everyone is able to join our club and ride together, regardless of gender, body type, hair, prefered toothpaste or other insignificant differences we may have.

In contrast to the stuff mentioned above, everyone that does ride with us must have a road/racing bike. It is, of course, of the simple fact that we’re a racing bicycle club. Thus should the bike be equipped with gears and brakes and you that ride will be equipped with a helmet.

To be a part of CK Avanti you should first and foremost like to ride your bike, but also enjoy the challenge in riding fairly long tours. By teaching all new recruits how to ride in a group, it is possible for us to ride together. And together, a strong unit goes far. Our trainings differ in time and lenght, but usually we ride for about 2-4 hours.

CK Avanti is a bicycle club that is based on solidarity. For us it is not just a word, it is a practice. It means that we ride together and doesn’t leave anyone behind. It also means that we all contributes with that we can. It can mean anything from taking care of the new cyclist to organize a training. For us solidarity means that everyone contributes what they can. And finally for us it also means that it´s not a problem if you are broke, since we don´t have any fees anyway.

CK Avanti is a bicycle club based in Skåne. Anyone that lives in Skåne can be part of our club; most of our trainings start from the areas around Malmö/Lund. To Malmö/Lund you have excellent commuting possibilities and the distance out to the gathering point where the tour starts is normally a pretty good warming up. Everybody can be a part of CK Avanti – Come and join you us! Send us an e-mail with your name and cellphone number to; avanticykel@gmail.com and we’ll contact you! Welcome!

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